ielecssol Solar Home Lighting System with mobile charging and Table Fan- Savera

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Warranty: 18 Months

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Contents: 12V 40Watt PolyCrystalline Solar Panel + 6A Solar Charge controller + LED Wattage 5W DC LED Bulb x 3pc +18Watt DC Table Fan  + Battery – 12.8V 24Ah Lithium Ferro phosphate

Product Summary:

ielecssol Solar Home Lighting System is a compact plug & play system for table fan. It is a combination of Solar Panel, Solar-powered LED Bulb, Lithium Batteries, mobile charging, Cables. It is very easy to connect and install at any place. The model brings modern lighting and energy to homes where there is a lack of electricity.

Product Specifications


  • Solar Panel – 40Watt Poly Crystalline with 3mtr wire

  • Charge controller – 12V 6Amps

  • LED Bulb – 5W DC LED x 3 Pcs

  • Battery -12.8V ,24Ah Lithium ferro phosphate battery

  • Cable – 5Mtr cable with each LED bulb with On-Off switch

  • USB Mobile charging cord

  • Warranty – 18 Months


  • Battery low indication – Red LED Glow

  • Solar panel charging to battery indicator – Green LED Glow

  • Full charge indication – Green LED  Blink


  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Reverse Polarity Protection

  • Over Charging

  • Deep Discharging

Shipping Details: 

  • Weight – 25KG

10 reviews for ielecssol Solar Home Lighting System with mobile charging and Table Fan- Savera

  1. Maheshbhai Damor (verified owner)

    I am surprised by the power of this little kit. It works great and indeed the bulbs give enough light for enough time for the entire night and more. The PV panels looks small but is quite good and efficient. I use the system to power my security cameras. Its line voltage is about 8 volts.

  2. Balachandran P (verified owner)

    Writing this review after three weeks of usage. I purchased it my relative who stay in village. I tested the product myself and then sent it to them. In my experience, I charged it completely sunlight for 16-18 hours and found it to last 12-13 hours with all the three bulbs. With 4 hours of average use, it can easily last 3 days on full charge.
    The USB charging port is a useful and practical feature to charge phones in emergency.

  3. Prakash Chandra Katyura (verified owner)

    Excellent product.
    Battery performance is very good. Whoever looking for a ready solar lighting must buy this product. Brightness is good.
    This product also includes USB charging with USB type C also.

  4. EKNATH GAIKWAD (verified owner)

    Easy to Install, Good back up, Charges under sun light easily. Totally Happy and satisfied with the product.

  5. Manas Sa (verified owner)

    I used this product during a track on Andaman and Nicobar and it works perfectly you can even charge your kit whether it’s raining or Sunny The panel is waterproof therefore no worries just put the panel out of your camp even if its raining you can even charge you kit.

  6. Mokib Ali

    Efficient product with good output. Value for money. Highly recommend especially for rural areas. Been 6 months since I bought it.10 out of 10

  7. Sangita Dwivedi (verified owner)

    Very good, 3 led bulb, fan, solar panel, mobile charger, charging adapter. All are working fine. Ups also has a LED light. Fan is normal speed and size.

  8. Vijay Kumar

    Now is well perform, Solar is good built quality, light-weight and easy to install. Battery is so light-weight and great backup. All over this product is good and affordable.

  9. Ravi Chandel

    5 watts led throughout the night both were unplugged, good backpack, all good quality stuff, battery backpack is not depleted, panel panel produces electricity till 6am, gives power till 6pm, both bulbs are good quality, battery is fully charged at night after two bulbs burn out in the morning At 8 o’clock the controller charge indicator will be stable. I bought the 6800

  10. Aahithyan

    This is very good system to light up the small hut. I recently bought it for my farm house and till now I am able utilize sum of power up to 28W without any issues. Otherwise panel and battens are excellent. I would buy another 100w panel and increase the lightening capability.

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