ielecssol Semi Integrated Solar Street Light 12W LED with Solar Panel & Lithium Battery + CCTV Camera

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Product Code – FNSSL00074

Warranty: 18 Months

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Product Summary:

What is a Semi-Integrated Solar Street Light?

ielecssol Semi-Integrated Solar Street light is a solar-powered compact LED lighting solution integrating high power LED & Battery in one aluminium Die cast fixture. Solar Panel is mounted on the top of the pole. It is very easy to install & at any location where there is no power supply available and Low on maintenance.

It provides backup for 1 to 2 nights as per the specification of the Luminaire.

This Model can be mounted easily on any existing tubular pole, octagonal pole, or wall-mounted. The LED light of the solar panel is mounted on the luminary’s arm and it can withstand high wind pressure. The direction of the solar panel can be changed as per the site requirement.


Product Specifications


  • LED Wattage – 12W

  • Solar Panel – 100Watt PolyCrystalline

  • Battery -12.8V, 30Ah Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery

  • CCTV Camera – Access through Mobile App

  • Mounting Bracket – Luminary arm & mounting structure which can be mounted on the existing pole

  • Cables – IP65 Connector from LED Light to Solar Panel

  • Dusk to Dawn –  Operation (Auto ON-OFF)

  • Camera Operation – Camera operated through the mobile app.

  • Autonomy – 3day backup

  • Dimming  – Light will glow at 100% brightness for the 1st 4 Hrs and after that, it will dim to 33% brightness.
  • Warranty – 18 Months


  • Battery Low indication – Red LED blink

  • Solar panel charging to Battery indicator – Green LED blink

  • Full Charge indication – Green LED continuous Glow

How Does a camera operate with Semi integrated solar street light?

This Semi-integrated system stores energy from solar panels into its internal Lithium battery with a maximum power point tracking algorithm and stored energy in the battery which is used for 24-hours CCTV surveillance and powering LED lamps at night.

 Full HD 1080p camera helps to monitor high-resolution live streaming and its wide viewing angle makes it perfect for watching larger area coverage. The high-quality Video and Audio recording feature of the camera enables users to watch previous activities. 

 The camera data is transmitted through the wifi-router internet connection. It can be accessed through a local Wi-Fi network.

Salient features:

  • WiFi connected CCTV camera

  •  Full HD 1080p camera with wide viewing angle

  •  Audio and Video recording supported with a memory card

  •  Automatic Dusk and Dawn detection

  •  Advanced MPPT charge controller with ultrafast MPPT algorithm

  •  Super long life span LEDs

  •  Unique body design with adjustable mounting option

  •  Dust-proof, Rust-proof and Rain-proof

  •  Lithium Ferro-phosphate battery powered

Measurements & Weight:

  • Dimension – LED Light  L x B x H – 425MM x 210MM x 100MM

  • Dimension – Solar Panel  L x B x H -1030MM x 680MM x55MM

  • Dimension – Luminary arm & mounting Structure   L x B x H – 680MM x 245MM x 215MM

  • Total Weight :22KG

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