ielecssol 15W LED All in One Solar Street Light +CCTV Camera


Product Code – FAIO00118

Warranty: 18 Months

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Product Summary:

All in One Solar Street Light is a new age and compact lighting solution integrating Solar panels, LED light, a Lithium-based battery, and a PIR motion sensor. This light incorporates proprietary ielecssol LED driver technology which combines world-class battery charging technology with high efficient microprocessor-based electronics. All in One Solar Street Light uses a PIR motion sensor to adjust the LED light brightness. If no movement is detected for more than 1 minute, the brightness is reduced to one-third. This intelligent brightness control coupled with maintenance-free Lithium-based battery technology provides longer backup time and better battery life. Due to its compact size, this light can be easily mounted on a pole top by anyone. The light has automatic dusk to dawn operation and needs negligible maintenance once installed. The All in One Solar Street Light uses high-quality material and is designed as per Indian environments.

Product Specifications


  • LED Wattage – 15W LED

  • Solar Panel – 75 Watt Mono Perc

  • Battery – 12.8V, 36 Ah Lithium Ferro phosphate Battery

  • Motion Sensor – Provided

  • PIR Motion Sensor -12M Range

  • Autonomy –  15-18Hrs. backup*

  • Dusk to Dawn Operation (light will be Auto ON-OFF)   

  • Adjustable mounting bracket to change the direction of All in one light

  • CCTV Camera operated through Mobile App

  • Dimming Operation  –  Light will glow in the fullbright mode for the rst 4 Hrs, After 4 Hrs. Light will Dim to 33% power and motion sensor for the detection of motion. If any motion is detected 12M area around the, then it will glow in full mode for 2 min, After that, it will again come to 33% power.

  • Warranty – 18 Months



  • Battery Low indication – Red LED blink

  • Solar panel charging to Battery indicator – Green LED blink

  • Full Charge indication – Green LED continuous Glow

How Does a Solar Powered Camera Operate?

This All-in-one system stores energy from solar panels into its internal Lithium battery with a maximum power point tracking algorithm and stored energy in the battery which is used for 24-hours CCTV surveillance and powering LED lamps at night.

Full HD 1080p camera helps to monitor high-resolution live streaming and its wide viewing angle makes it perfect for watching larger area coverage. The high-quality Video and Audio recording feature of the camera enables users to watch previous activities. 

 The camera data is transmitted through the wifi-router internet connection. It can be accessed through a local Wi-Fi network.

Salient Features:

  • WiFi connected CCTV camera

  • Full HD 1080p camera with wide viewing angle

  • Audio and Video recording supported with a memory card

  • Automatic Dusk and Dawn detection

  • Cable-free installation

  • Optional PIR sensor for dimming at no motion

  • Advanced MPPT charge controller with ultrafast MPPT algorithm

  • Super long life span LEDs

  • Unique body design with adjustable mounting option

  • Dust-proof, Rust-proof and Rain-proof

  • Two-stage battery charge algorithm for greater battery life

  • Lithium Ferro-phosphate battery powered



  • Approved by MNRE Lab

  • IP65 Approved


  • Recommended Pole length –  5 to 6 Mtr.

  • Recommended Pole Dia – It should be Below 76MM OD

  • Dimension – (1280 x 340 x 60)mm

  • Weight – 20kg


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